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Kainuun Etu Oy

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Musiikki ja AV-tuotanto
Architectural, historical and music-related cultural route of excellence (this title might change aventually).
Kainuun Etu (KE) is interested in developing a project exploring options aligned with the European Cultural Routes of Excellence. In this framework, the purpose would be to formulate a project concept bringing together UNESCO classified and protected monuments of the religious traditions of the area (such as monasteries), historical commercial routes, and musical traditions. The project would result in: 1) the set up of a cultural route of excellence, certified by the Council of Europe. This cultural route, would eventually link to other European routes of comparable contents. It would contribute to the better knowledge and understanding of cultural development and continuities across the project area; 2) to define, organise, commercially integrate and promote (market) the cultural route of excellence to associated tourism markets, addressing leisure, educational, historical, religious and cultural tourism interests; 3) to integrate the new cultural and commercial route into the tourism policies and marketing of the participating regions.
We seek to involve regional, European and international relevant institutions, such as ICOMOSUNESCO.
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