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Murmanskin alue
Etsimme uusia yhteistyökumppaneita
Hand made, uusi design
The Arctic Design Laboratory sees its task in creating an environment for sustainable human well-being (psychophysiological state) in the Far North.
The Arctic Design Laboratory: Creating prototypes of object design in the regional style, taking into account the operating conditions and requests for providing psychophysiological comfort in the conditions of the Far North. Conducting research in the field of ensuring a stable psychophysiological state of a person in the conditions of the Far North. Conducting joint contests of subject design skills with the Finnish side Holding joint exhibitions of regional subject design with the Finnish side Joint educational programs/master classes. Target group of the project: young people aged 18 to 35-45 years Partner role: the Kola Peninsula has a similar climatic and geographical location with Finland, which means the environmental conditions in terms of habitat (homogeneous environment, cold, long absence of natural light, long winter), which means there are points of contact and a common "pain" - how to reduce the outflow of population from unfavorable Northern territories to more southern ones by designing more comfortable living conditions from the point of view of physiological, psychological needs, as well as creating psycho-emotional connections with the territory by means of design.
Lapland University (Rovaniemi)
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